Why Work With Us?

Because your story matters…

We provide safe + accessible spaces for women to address the matters of the heart in life + love within groups and coaching sessions.

We primarily work with people who are looking for a Christian faith-based approach to Grief + Loss.

We are trained and certified to support vulnerable populations such as: complicated grief sufferers (due to untimely/tragic death), survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and others who’ve experienced traumatic separation and loss (due to a painful breakup, severed parental relationship, broken friendships, and distanced community connections).

Those served will work toward their pursuit of wellness as a:

  • spiritual necessity
  • response to a loving God who cares about them
  • choice to face the things that are sometimes difficult to acknowledge 
  • chance to increase their coping, communication, and self-awareness skills
  • opportunity to love and receive love “well”

Many find the Bible-based curriculum, services, and tools we use to be extremely insightful and readily applicable to their lives.


“The sessions were a true blessing to me. We covered a lot in the short time we were together. I was approached by someone and was told that they could see the change in my life. I want to personally say thank you.

Meet Your Facilitator

”The matters of the heart can be tricky. Acknowledge what you feel. Trust where God is leading.” – Keturah Ford, Founder + Certified Facilitator of Healthy Relationships Network since 2017.

Keturah Ford, M.S. Ed., is certified in Bible Based Trauma Healing (Trauma Healing Institute) and has completed professional development training in Emotional Management (Center for Pastoral Counseling) and Grief + Loss Coaching (American Association of Christian Counselors). Outside of her public preaching + Bible teaching ministry, she is dedicated to addressing the matters of the heart in smaller/private groups and sessions that help women apply Biblical principles and practical tools to some of the most difficult moments of their lives.

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